My approach to logistics

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At school, my education, my studies, my job and even at home I have always been very interested in the complexities of “ Economy, man and machine”.
Therefore the link between economy, technology and psychology has always been close to my heart.

The dimensions of corporate management, technology and its management and human relationships led me to a fascination of their control mechanisms, kybernos-helmsman-cybernetics, and finally to logistics.

Now, after years of gaining international experience in logistics companies in Europe and the US and having the right expertise, I have taken the next step – the path of self-employment.
Looking at the current situations from all angles, keyword globalisation, I have been able to not only focus but at the same time open my eyes to an integrated approach of synergy management.

Speaking in terms of real economy there are, not just from my point of view, vast areas to be dealt with.
And here is where logistics comes in, not always simple and easy.

Gerhard Anzinger

Find details regarding our services here.

We are offering

  • 24 years experience in logistics in Europe and the US
  • extensive know-how in the following areas: logistics planning, consultancy and implementation, process-optimization, concepts and logistics systems, manual and automated warehousing and conveyor systems
  • vast logistics competence built on a variety of projects in the following sectors: trade, food trade, mail order trade, automotive industry, spare parts logistics, production supply, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry and mechanical engineering
  • Job experience ranging from the technical side to systems

This marks a clear distinction from our competitors and brings essential advantages for you – we know what we are doing!