Corporate future through an optimised logistics system

Welcome to Anzinger Logistics, your partner for consulting, planning and implementing

We are an independent logistics consultancy which can show you your dormant optimization potential concerning warehousing and order picking systems by using a sound analysis of process and material flow.

Based on these findings we plan timely processes regarding goods receiving, transport, warehousing and order picking for production and Distribution.

These solutions range from manual systems such as the traditional pallet rack, a modular racking system manual or forklift served to Automation.

Decades of experience in finding solutions for automated systems, order picking, transport and warehousing of pallet conveyer systems, pallet storage technology (high-bay storage), container conveying technology and container warehousing (AKL and Shuttle) sets us clearly apart from the competition and offers advantages to you- We know what we are doing!

Successful cooperation starts with a good talk!

Your concerns and our offers – linked via our questionnaire

question 1

Where do the difficulties lie? What´s seething? Where does your shoe pinch?

question 2

Does the daily pressure of competition and planning constrict my perspective regarding my future business strategy?

question 3

Is the problem really mine or am I just sitting on the wrong Solutions?

question 4

Could information that is not needed immediately be of any use in my future?

question 5

Where am I, who am I and who are we?

question 6

What contradiction exists between the ideas of “ it is what it is”, “if only” and “ it is not right as it is, this is how it should be”?

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